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pot cage plate

In order to live together with a Hedgehog, you need a cage, food plate, drinking container, running wheel, bed and heater in winter.

At our shop, we also sell sets that can live with Hedgehog immediately!

Please feel free to contact us.

  • STEP.1

    Gently scoop them up from both sides of their body from their stomachs with your hands.
    Just like how you would scoop water with your hands.

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  • STEP.2

    Hedgehog’s love narrow places.
    So please cup them in your hands and place your thumbs top of them.

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What do they eat ?

In the wild, Hedgehog’s are known as an omnivorous animals.
They can eat many things, but mostly eat small creatures such as insects.
They also eat fruits and plants, and even mushrooms.
We can provide customers with a nutritionally balanced hedgehog food which we give to the hedgehogs ourselves too.


Please weigh them once a week to keep track of their growth.

If their weight increases or decreases drastically or too frequently, this may be a sign of illness.
So don't hesitate to pay a visit to the vet.

You can ask a veterinary doctor to trim the nails.

But if you wish to do it yourself at home,
please use a pair of small nail clippers specially made for small animals.
Please be extra careful to not cut off too much of their nails.
Because if you look closely at the nails, blood vessels can be seen underneath, and cutting them would cause them pain and may lead to infections. So please cut above their blood vessels.


Happy guy!

It loves to lie on the back and get patted on the belly.
Sometimes it squat down on the owner's hand.

The startled one!!

If you put a hand inside their cage, it gets startled and says "Fushhhhh".
This one gets easily frightened.
On such times let's just watch over from outside.


Love going for a walk!!

This one Loves to exercise.
It is very happy when there's lot of movement to do!

Sleeping soundly

Sleeps soundly on the hands of its favorite owner...